Don’t Get Shocked: Maintain Your Suspension

Car owners know that routine car maintenance is essential to the longevity and safety of their car. One system that needs maintenance is the suspension, but what is it and when does it need to be serviced? Below are some answers to your suspension questions:
  • Suspension- A car's suspension is responsible for providing stability and handling while making sure the car is comfortable to ride in. (
  • Springs and Shock Absorbers- Springs and shock absorbers are responsible for compressing and cushioning when the car moves. Springs hold the car's weight off of the wheels while the shock absorbers make sure the suspension can compress and decompress at a constant rate preventing the springs from bouncing. (
  • Maintenance- Suspension parts are durable and it is recommended to have the suspension checked every 15,000 miles, but most suspensions don’t need maintenance until after 50,000 miles. (
At Hendrick Alfa Romeo FIAT of Cary, we understand how important your car's suspension is to the safety and comfort of your car. If you have any questions regarding your car's suspension please visit any of our Cary locations and speak to one of our experts.
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