Taking Your Pet with You While Traveling

If you are thinking of taking your pet with you on a trip in the future, then you might want to consider a few hints on how to make it a more pleasant experience. Your pet will probably enjoy the experience as much as you do and you can enhance the experience by taking some precautions. With these simple tips from our team at Hendrick FIAT of Cary in mind, we're certain that your next trip can go off without a hitch.

Have a collar for your pet with your name and phone number just in case your pet decides to run off. Take some food and water along, especially if the trip is a long one. Take a bowl for the pet to eat and drink from. If your pet is a dog or a cat, a crate is ideal for travel. The crate serves as protection, and your pet will feel safe there. If your pet has never ridden with you before, take a few short trips in the car with your pet so he or she will get used to riding with you.

Do you need some more advice before hitting the road for a trip with your family cat or dog? Stop in and hear more first-hand at 91 Mackenan Drive today!

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