Slick Roads Remind Drivers of the Importance of Tire Tread

Most people never consider the importance of the tread on their tires, which helps them stop at a stop sign, a school stop, or for a ball rolling into the street. Safety measures built into tires provide the means for tires to handle various road conditions. Drive to Hendrick Alfa Romeo FIAT of Cary and let them introduce your car to the proper tires for your highway conditions.

Whether you drive best with unidirectional, Asymmetrical or a combination tire tread, it is important to a car’s ability to hold the road. Worn tires slip, and slide and lose traction. It is easy to slide down a hill on a street slick with rain when tire tread is worn. This can easily cause accidents. Prevent road hazards by staying on top of your car service and replacing thread-bare tires. Get the best options for your style of driving by keeping your vehicle serviced by choosing our service center.

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